This creative project, following from the previous project, is to make a keyboard accompaniment for a song you like. Choose a song among the examples or bring one you like. It is impossible to make an exact statement about how to create the melody or accompaniment, but let us start with several preparatory exercises playing triads, examine several actual songs to learn the styles, and apply those to a song you like. The chapter includes many beginning – and intermediate – level examples, so choose one that fits your skills.

The outcome of these projects from chapters 5 and 6 is that you experience composing a melody and creating an accompaniment – the basic two parts of music – helping you understand how music works while learning the keyboard skills.

Four preparatory exercises are provided below. Play triads with each hand at a time: You can position your hand at any range you want (octave equivalence). The first preparatory exercise is a chord sheet for “Do-Re-Mi” by Richard Rodgers. The melody and lyrics are not shown due to copyright. The music is transposed to E-flat major at measure 10, and it simply repeats itself. You can sing the melody (or the instructor can play it) while you perform the triads. Practice the other three exercises accordingly.

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